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  • Privates -
    1 session: $75
    Package of 4: $280
    Package of 8: $520
  • Duets -
    1 session: -$48 per person
    Package of 4: $176 per person
    Package of 8: $320 per person
  • Mat class $20

Pilates Classes

Joseph Pilates, creator of Contrology now known as Pilates, created a system of exercises, sometimes using special apparatus’ and sometimes just a mat, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. Pilates has spun off into many amazing avenues leaving it to be one of the more popular forms of exercise in recent day.

Pilates private sessions are a great opportunity to work one on one with Kim to improve posture and strengthen the body. Sessions last 55 minutes. The benefits are greater when practiced at a minimum twice a week at the studio or at home.

What should you expect? To be taken through exercises mindfully and quietly so that you can connect with your body. You will be barefoot. If you would like to wear socks, be sure they have skid marks or are “sticky” on the bottom. You can also purchase some at the studio.

Have a friend who would like to join or need to save a little money? Sign up for duet sessions and still receive the benefit of one on one attention.

Fundamental Mat class
A little shy about trying Pilates? Wanting to review the fundamentals of good posture? A Pilates Fundamental class might be a great choice to start with. Breath work, pelvic alignment, and core strength are some of the topics I cover.

Intermediate Mat class
Already familiar with Pilates concepts? Please join us for a 55 minute Intermediate group class to connect with your body, mind and spirit through Pilates exercises.

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Recent testimonials

My knees were in severe pain until I found Kim, who uncovered and helped me to work through chronically tight fascia. I am really appreciative of her commitment to remedying the situation from finding the cause to applying her incredible massage techniques to providing tons of useful take-home information that has benefited my entire body. On the court, or driving in the car, I move differently and feel so much better.
Jennifer Braham